Psychic, Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Reader, Astrologer, Medium, & Life Coach


Skye Samuel
I was born and raised in Yorkshire England, I am a 4th Generation Intuitive psychic reader and Medium.
I have had a natural ability since a small child to See, Feel and Hear vibrational energy from working with this over many years I use this gift to Channel information from the Spirit realms, in order to give loved ones messages, and to Interpret Card Readings
As a child growing up all the women in the family would sit together and read cards, palms and tea leaves.  I was always fascinated in the cards and my Grandma taught me to read them when I was about 7.  The first cards she taught me were the regular playing cards, after learning it became my passion and started collecting Tarot and Oracle Cards and doing readings for family and friends.

I have been working professionally over 30yrs.
As an Intuitive and Clairvoyant reader I open the cards and gently guide people on there path and through their lives ups and downs, in order to manifest what is their souls highest purpose.
I also specialize in direct question answering, in all matters of Love, Health, Money, and Life.
I work with Vibrational Healing & Reiki.  My Mother attuned me to Master level in 1999.
I owned a Metaphysical Shop in Tampa Florida for 12 years, Reading Cards, Teaching many aspects of Metaphysics, Tarot, and Healing.
With Gratitude and Joy I am blessed to be able to share these gifts with you today.